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Open your eyes

  • de Alexandru Husaru în 15 August 2010 la 21:23
  • Open your eyes…” she whispered.

    This voluptuous sadness I feel collapses into the memories of a broken smile that never even happened. The time has no edges in this exception of time I live in.

    I’ll open my eyes, babe, but I just want to feel a few seconds more… a few seconds more, just of you.

    She’s a butterfly, she’s a demon, she’s the one I’ll never have the chance to love like a human. She hates me, you know, but she loves me sometimes. She brings all those immense, vivid pleasures, not the bodily kind.

    She died, never had the chance of being born again, beside me. And it is she who has the pleasure to absolve this empty creed, this empty soul I’ve developed.

    Just another night, another charade.

    I’ll never give credit to another one but me for all these hopeless dreams.

    This night I’ll tell her to let me sleep with her forever, I don’t want to wake up again.

    You’re all I’ve ever imagined you to be, I love you entirely, for all time.”

    Yes, I’ll tell her that, maybe she’ll understand what I feel.

    Close your eyes…” she whispered.

    I woke up to live another day, torn and devastated for another, other day, longing for the night to come again…


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